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Harry and Meghan Call BS on Queen Saying She Doesn't Own Term 'Royal'


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are calling bulls**t on the Queen of England, saying she has no authority to strip them of their right to say they're royals. ...
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at: 1:02 Feb 23, 2020

Donald Trump's L.A. Fundraiser Guests Disgusted by Food in Bathroom


Donald Trump's Beverly Hills fundraiser guests -- at least some of them -- say they are totally grossed out by the fact appetizers from the function were ...
Top score: 3.9
at: 1:01 Feb 24, 2020

Dustin Diamond Says Screech Should be in 'Saved by the Bell' Reboot


Dustin Diamond's pleading his case to the makers of the "Saved by the Bell" reboot, saying his character is synonymous with the show ... and he hopes his ...
Top score: 2.8
at: 23:02 Feb 24, 2020

Kobe Bryant's 8th Grade Yearbook Up For Auction, Signed 'How Bout Those Lakers'


Kobe Bryant was purple and gold as a 13-year-old -- signing his middle school friend's yearbook with "How bout those Lakers" -- and now the book can be ...
Top score: 3.1
at: 21:01 Feb 25, 2020

Hot Pockets Heiress Sentenced to 5 Months in College Admissions Scandal


Another parent involved in the college admissions bribery scandal is going to be locked up for a while ... this time it's an heiress to the Hot Pockets ...
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at: 3:02 Feb 26, 2020

Tyler Perry's Nephew Dead from Suicide By Hanging in Prison, Family Suspicious


Tyler Perry's nephew appears to have killed himself behind bars -- but the answer officials are giving the family doesn't have them convinced it wasn't foul ...
Top score: 15.7
at: 5:02 Feb 27, 2020

Ethan Suplee Doubts President Trump's Diet Tricks Will Work


Ethan Suplee knows what it's like to have a diet forced on him, so he thinks President Trump's never gonna fall for covert cauliflower ... until he's ...
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at: 15:02 Feb 27, 2020

Disney Jungle Cruise Boat Sinks with People Aboard at Magic Kingdom


"The Most Magical Place on Earth" became the wettest place for a group of theme park guests who got caught on a sinking vessel ... the park's famous Jungle ...
Top score: 17.2
at: 9:01 Feb 28, 2020

Barry Sanders Hilariously Reacts To Garth Brooks' 'Bernie' Jersey Outrage


Barry Sanders has entered the great Garth Brooks jersey scandal of 2020 ... hilariously asking the country singer if he wants to team up and run America ...
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at: 9:02 Feb 29, 2020

Trader Joe's Founder Joe Coulombe Dead at 89


Joe Coulombe, the guy who founded Trader Joe’s, one of the most enduring grocery chains in the country, has died after a long illness. Joe died at his ...
Top score: 7.6
at: 9:02 Mar 1, 2020


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