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Joe Montana Subdues Alleged Kidnapper of Grandchild at Malibu Home


Joe Montana and his wife had the scare of their life Saturday, when an intruder came inside the house and snatched one of their grandchildren right out of a ...
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at: 18:02 Sep 27, 2020

Coronavirus Vaccine Could Result in Half a Million Shark Deaths


A possible COVID-19 vaccine relies on shark livers, and conservationists are warning it could decimate the shark population. A British pharmaceutical ...
Top score: 7.1
at: 0:02 Sep 28, 2020

Texas Warns Houston-Area Residents of Brain-Eating Amoeba in Water


Residents of south-east Texas had more than COVID to worry about this week -- they were just told NOT to use unfiltered water ... if they didn't want their ...
Top score: 7.1
at: 0:02 Sep 27, 2020

Trump's Tax Returns Surface, Reports of Massive Losses, Paid $750


President Trump's infamously elusive tax returns have reportedly seen the light of day -- and they appear to paint a portrait of Houdini-like tactics that ...
Top score: 2.9
at: 2:02 Sep 28, 2020

Breonna Taylor Crime Scene Aftermath, New Body Cam Footage


The crime scene left behind after Breonna Taylor was shot and killed in her own apartment was a show of chaos ... so it seems from the first body cam ...
Top score: 5.8
at: 4:02 Sep 27, 2020

Disney Parody Of 'WAP' is Fantastic!!!


Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's mega-hit "WAP" has had a Disney parody makeover ... and it's the famed princesses and characters like you've never seen ...
Top score: 3.0
at: 18:02 Sep 27, 2020

Dwayne The Rock Johnson Endorses Joe Biden and Kamala Harris


The Rock is fearless, but he's never dared to venture into the snake pit we call politics ... until now. So, Dwayne Johnson played host to Joe Biden and ...
Top score: 3.2
at: 20:02 Sep 27, 2020

Breonna Taylor Ballistics Report Inconclusive On Whose Bullet Hit LMPD Cop


One of the ballistics reports used to determine who shot who in the moments leading up to Breonna Taylor's death appears to contradict the Kentucky AG's ...
Top score: 2.6
at: 0:02 Sep 28, 2020

CA Passes Law Allowing Trans Prisoners to be Housed by Gender Identity


California Governor Gavin Newsom just signed a new law allowing transgender prisoners in the State to be housed based on their gender identity rather than ...
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at: 20:02 Sep 27, 2020

Republicans Sell 'Notorious A.C.B.' T-Shirts Supporting Amy Coney Barrett


The best you can call this is bad taste, and the worst is despicable because a Republican group decided to jack the moniker of the late Justice Ruth Bader ...
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at: 18:02 Sep 27, 2020


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