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Donald Trump Says 'MAGA Loves the Black People'


Donald Trump said something Saturday that is gonna be hard to swallow for millions of Americans ... he said MAGA loves black people. Trump's statement came ...

New George Floyd Video Shows All 3 Officers on Top of Him


George Floyd had the weight of 3 full-grown men on him -- not just Derek Chauvin on his neck -- when he was killed ... as a new angle of the deadly incident ...

White House on Lockdown, Police Car Torched as George Floyd Protests Continue


The White House has been put on lockdown and a police car has been set on fire as protests numbers grow in cities across the United States. Thousands of ...

Donald Trump Says Vicious Dogs Ready to Attack Protesters


Donald Trump sounded like a southern governor in the '50s or early '60s Saturday morning, boasting that the protesters at The White House had a surprise in ...

Surveillance Footage Shows George Floyd Moments Before Killing, He's Not Resisting


Before George Floyd was pinned to the ground by a cop's knee -- and ultimately killed -- he was cuffed by a different officer and seemed to be cooperating ...

Atlanta Cop Wins Over Crowd Protesting George Floyd's Death


An Atlanta Cop stunned demonstrators Friday night, by simply commiserating with them. The cop is awesome. In the middle of all the pandemonium, he reasoned ...