Video: Trump asks Melania to 'smile' during today's fascist photo op


In this video, you can see Donald Trump appearing to ask First Lady Melania to 'smile' during today's fascist photo op. Nah, man, you have to pay extra for ...


NYPD Scanner Broadcasts Calls to Shoot, Run Over Protesters


NYPD officers allegedly urged police to shoot and run over protesters -- at least that's what was heard over the citywide police scanner ... but the ...

Apple Store Looters Won't Be Able To Use Or Pawn Stolen Gadgets


Folks who looted the Apple Store at The Grove are in for a rude awakening ... they won't be able to use or pawn the stolen gadgets, thanks to some tech ...

L.A. Store Owners Cuffed and Detained for Protecting Store


It's one of the most incredible things so far to play out on live TV following the brutal killing of George Floyd. Several people who were protecting their ...

Medical Examiner Says George Floyd Was on Fentanyl, Died of Heart Attack


George Floyd had fentanyl in his system when he was killed, and died from a  heart attack ... according to the medical examiner. The Hennepin County ...

Carole Baskin Wins Control of Oklahoma Zoo That Used to Be Joe Exotic's


Joe Exotic isn't gonna sleep well tonight -- his nemesis, Carole Baskin, now has control of the Oklahoma zoo that used to be his, thanks to a judge's ...